New York Underpaid Total Loss Auto Claim Attorneys

Every year, thousands of vehicles are totaled in car accidents and thousands more are declared a total loss after being stolen and severely damaged or never recovered. When your car is totaled, it is a traumatic event. Even if you are not physically injured, the totaling of your car is financially devastating. In order to ease the financial burden and assist in quickly obtaining a new vehicle, your auto insurance company is supposed to compensate you fairly for the actual cash value of your car prior to the event that caused the total loss.

State insurance regulations require insurance companies to meet certain criteria when calculating the value of totaled vehicles and making settlement offers to their insured customers. Unfortunately, insurance companies often underpay total loss claims by using deceptively manipulated data to calculate the value of a totaled car. This can result in insurance companies paying LESS than actual cash value for totaled car claims. If your car was totaled, you may have gotten a lower settlement payment from your insurance company than you were entitled to receive.

Unhappy With Your Total Loss Settlement?

Lewis Saul & Associates is actively investigating claims where individuals may have been underpaid for their total loss auto claims. If your car was totaled and you are unhappy with the amount of money you received from your auto insurance company, call Lewis Saul & Associates for a free consultation and learn more about whether we can assist you.